Korean BBQ: Redefined

We are a group of young people passionate about food, feeding the hungry and loving people. Experience a new kind of Korean BBQ that fuses traditional Korean flavors with other ethnic flavors that redefines what Korean BBQ can be. Of course we serve traditional Korean dishes as well: we just made it better. We proudly serve our dishes using the best quality ingredients with love and care that can be felt in each bite. Come by the truck and leave with more than just food!


We would love to be at your next event! We can cater or bring the truck to spruce up your event with our amazing food!
please contact us at:
(847) 530-6910
Email: ncbulkogi@gmail.com
Our Story
Bulkogi Truck was founded in 2009 by the So Family (Owners Jin So & Jenny So, Manager Christine So) with the vision of bringing Korean culture and cuisine to the streets of Triangle region of North Carolina. The So Family helped to pioneer the Food truck business in the region along with handful of food trucks that were operating at the time. The Bulkogi Truck earned the love of many locals with our authentic Korean BBQ taste and awe inspiring fusion menu.
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Best Food Truck 2011, Silver Medal

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